We have a wide variety of options with siding and look forward to taking care of your siding needs.

Siding can improve your home or business building value. The right siding and color can make your property look amazing! It takes very little maintenance to make your siding look great for years. Insulated siding gives an extra layer of protection for your property. It could translate into energy savings.

We can help with any siding need that you might have. Having a professional that can assist is extremely important. Proper installation is everything. We do the job right the first time.

Some options for siding material are as follows:


Right Choice Roofing

James Hardie (Fiber Cement Lap Siding)

Right Choice Roofing

These are the two most common options in siding. There are many colors from which to choose. Whatever your siding need is, we can help!

Things to consider for your new siding

  • Energy Efficiency – Vinyl siding can be installed with a layer of insulation to decrease overall energy usage.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Hardie board is made from sustainable materials and doesn’t require the use of fossil fuels like vinyl siding does.
  • Lower Price Point – Vinyl siding may have a lower price point than Hardie board, but it also needs to be replaced more frequently than James Hardie siding.
  • Fire Resistance – Hardie board is so well respected for its fire resistance that insurance companies sometime offer a discount on homeowner’s insurance if you have Hardie board siding. Vinyl siding can melt in fire or extreme heat.

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